The publishing mininistry

For many years now, the Lord has granted us the privilege to have a major part in the development of the publishing ministry of Alfa & Omega. It is a “non-profit” organization that works in cooperation with pastors of proven experience and testimony, who are representatives of both Italian and foreign Reformed Baptist churches that helped us to start this work. The association aims to spread the evangelical Christian faith in Italy. This aim is pursued through the organization of conferences, meetings on biblical and historical themes, and, above all, through the publication and distribution of good evangelical literature (ancient and modern). We believe that these books can help to strengthen the faith of Italian believers and provide proper tools for the theological education of pastors and church leaders. As the Puritan preacher Richard Baxter said: “A book is a sermon preached to the eyes!” Since 1997 Alfa & Omega has published books on various topics such as apologetics, biographies, church history, theology, commentaries, ecclesiology, pastoral ministry, biblical counseling, Puritans, devotionals, children, and young people, family, science, and faith.

From the very beginning of our work, trying to make our own the call of the prophet Jeremiah, who urged the people to set out along the “ancient paths” (Jeremiah 6:16), we began to translate and publish sermons, speeches, and treatises of those who, over the centuries, have served God faithfully. Our commitment comes from personal experience. As believers in need of growth in grace, we have benefited greatly from the preaching and reflections of those who in the past walked faithfully in the ways of the Lord. God has greatly blessed our hearts by reading the writings of the Reformers, Puritans, and preachers used by the Lord in the great times of awakening. Thus, like the four lepers mentioned in the second book of kings, we said to ourselves: “If we are silent, we will be found guilty” (II Kings 7: 9).

More than 150 English titles have been translated and published up to now, and thousands of theologically sound books are spreading throughout the country. Since our church and Alfa & Omega share the same doctrinal principles, we can say that, in a sense, it represents the long arm of our church to disseminate and promote the classic evangelical faith to all Italians. Alfa & Omega has a particular focus on providing materials to help establishing a solid and pastoral theology, and since the beginning it is committed to make available in the Italian language the writings of the Puritans.

Here are some of the titles that have already been published:

Religious Affections - Jonathan Edwards

A History of the Work of Redemption - Jonathan Edwards

Charity and Its Fruit - Jonathan Edwards

Biblical Theology - Geerhardus Vos

The Person and Work of Christ - Benjamin B. Warfield

Revelation and Inspiration - Benjamin B. Warfield

Commentary on Genesis - John Calvin

Lectures to My Students (vol. 1 & vol. 2) - Charles H. Spurgeon

The Westminster Shorter Catechism. A Baptist Version

Living for God’s Glory - Joel Beeke

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church - Mark Dever

Life in The Father’s House - Wayne Mack & David Swavely


Who are The Puritans? - Erroll Hulse

The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax - Richard Sibbes

A Divine Cordial - Tomas Watson

The Christian on the Mount - Tomas Watson

The Doctrine of Repentance - Tomas Watson

The Holy War - John Bunyan

Temptation - John Owen

Duties of Parents - John C. Ryle

Complete Husband - Lou Priolo

Praise Her in The Gates (N. Wilson)

Teach Them Diligently - Lou Priolo

Resourches for changing lives (22 booklets)


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