Our church meetings

We firmly believe that only God should be worshiped and that he has the right to determine how he should be worship. Jesus taught us that true worshipers are those who worship Him "in spirit and in truth" (John 4:23). For us this means that our worship of God should be regulated solely by his written Word of God, the Bible.

For this reason our meetings for worship are characterized by simplicity, moderation and the exclusion of any form of entertainment as well as any practice that is not expressly commanded in the Bible.
In essence, our worship of God consists in the singing of hymns and psalms, the reading of passages of Scripture, prayer and preaching is in elevation of the Word.

We also believe that since the world was created, God established a principle that will last until the end of time. It is the principle that every man has a duty to set apart a day each week for the serious and devout worship of his Creator. From the beginning of the world until the resurrection of Christ this day was the Sabbath, from then on is Sunday, which is "the Lord's day".



10.30 am - Worship
18.00 - Worship

19.00 - Prayer Meeting

19.00 -
Bible study Meeting

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